You want to list your project?
Why appear on Velas World?

Listing your project on Velas World will give you maximum visibility on the Velas blockchain.
We take care of the visibility of your project during the first days on our platform and we make the necessary announcements to redirect the users of our platform on your application.

Do we have to pay to get our project on Velas World?

We can't answer this question, it will depend on your project.
We are independently attached to the Velas blockchain, if your project is already visible to the team is supported among others, we will have no trouble listing you easily enough.

What do we have to do to get listed?

Once again this will depend on your project, let's take for example that your project is currently under development, in this case we will need a KYC for a guarantee to our users that we will keep anonymously on our bases to not have any problem.
If your project is already in use and therefore online, we will have to test the platform and come back to you with a positive or negative answer, be aware that we only list quality projects.